Who Are We

The FSCJ Alumni Association's purpose is to serve our alumni, our students, our College and our community. The Alumni Association includes three special groups that work to benefit the College and our students.

Alumni Advisory Council

Our Alumni Advisory Council leads the efforts of the FSCJ Alumni Association. This group of successful alumni support College events, mentor students and raise funds to benefit FSCJ. If you have leadership experience and feel you have talents to contribute, please email us, to the attention of our chairman, Dr. Charles Moreland.

College Retirees Association (CRA)

Faculty and staff are the largest reason FSCJ is nationally a top-rated state college. The passion and hard work they provide creates an everlasting impact on our students. The members of the College Retirees Association carry on their service and support through participation in several events and gatherings throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more about CRA, please email us, to the attention of the CRA President, Charles Smires.

Student Alumni Association (SAA)

SAA is a student service organization. Our purpose is to enhance the student experience at FSCJ by developing leadership skills, fostering student-alumni relationships through mentoring and community service and build a network of contacts that will benefit all FSCJ alumni. To learn more about SAA, please email us.